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Gina Hu | 胡婕青 

Gina's path to becoming a life coach started after she spent over a decade working in the entertainment industry. She was born in Shanghai, China and pursued her passion for art, earning her MFA degree in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles to work as a video artist and producer. While exploring her creativity, Gina's interest in spirituality grew, influenced by her exposure to Buddhism from a young age.


As Gina continued to delve deeper into her inner journey, she felt called to explore the depths of life experience. This led to a personal transformation and a newfound desire to support others on their own paths. Gina underwent coaching training and became an ICF certified coach, dedicating herself to supporting others in expanding their awareness and achieving their own versions of success.


Gina understands the challenges that can arise along the way, she tailors her coaching approach to meet the unique needs of each individual client, working in partnership with them to create a supportive and safe space. Through her compassionate and individualized approach, clients feel seen, heard, and empowered as they navigate life's transitions and work towards realizing their truth.

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