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Gina Hu | 胡婕青

Gina's path to becoming a life coach started after she spent over a decade working in the entertainment industry. She was born in Shanghai, China and pursued her passion for art, earning her MFA degree in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles to work as a video artist and producer. While exploring her creativity, Gina's interest in spirituality grew, influenced by her exposure to Buddhism from a young age.


As Gina continued to delve deeper into her inner journey, she felt called to explore the depths of life experience. This led to a personal transformation and a newfound desire to support others on their own paths. Gina underwent coaching training and became an ICF certified coach, dedicating herself to supporting others in connecting to their truth and achieving their own versions of success.


Gina understands the challenges that can arise along the way, she tailors her coaching approach to meet the unique needs of each individual client, working in partnership with them to create a supportive and safe space as they navigate life's transitions and work towards their success.

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 Why You Need a Life Coach?

Life coaching is a service designed to support you in achieving your goals, both personally and professionally. The coach's work is focused on your present and future, with an emphasis on your mind, body, and spirit to help you create positive changes in all areas of your life.

Here are some reasons why you may need a coach:

  • Transition -- You want to make a significant change in your life, such as switching careers, starting a business or relocation and could use assistance and support as you navigate this transition.

  • Relationship -- You want to cultivate more meaningful and fulfilling relationships, whether with romantic partners, family members, friends, or colleagues and supervisors; and you want to strengthen your communication skills and emotional intelligence.

  • Life Purpose -- You want to develop greater self-awareness and understanding, to gain clarity around your values, priorities, and purpose in life.​

  • Life Foundation -- You want to build a strong foundation in your life by establishing healthy habits, routines, and structures that support your well-being and growth. This includes improving areas such as health, finance, and personal development to create a balanced and stable life.

How Doorway can support you?

  • Reorient values: Reorient your deeper values, priorities, and passions, supporting you to align your life with these values.

  • Articulate your truth: support you to communicate more effectively in all areas of your life, expressing your truth confidently and authentically.

  • Clear intention: gaining clarity on your challenges and true intentions

  • Reveal potential and strength: uncover and develop your hidden potential and unique strength.

  • Create new route : build new, constructive systems that align with your values and goals, work with you to create a detailed plan of action.


  • Integrate: detach from mind stories, de-identify with the conceptual self, integrate beliefs and emotions

  • Celebrate your successes and progress along the way.

Brush Strokes

From the Clients

Julia. R, Germany

Over the past year I had the privilege of working with Gina, who is a remarkable life coach. In her coaching sessions she created this beautiful space that gave me the chance to open up and explore my thoughts. Her warm and compassionate approach builds a relationship of trust and honesty. With her I felt free to share my innermost thoughts and desires. Gina has the ability of sharing insights and perspectives that are profound and transformative. Through her coaching I was able to remove inner blocks and gain insights that are necessary to achieve my goals. I am looking forward to more coaching session with Gina and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a life-changing journey towards self-discovery and personal fulfilment.

Dania. B, U.S

What I love the most about Gina is that she creates a very safe and non-judgmental space for me to share thoughts and aspects of my personal life that I normally keep to myself.  She also has a unique ability in providing a broad, more universal/spiritual lens in her questioning that pushes me to more profound reflection.   This has helped me gain clarity of my values,  create positive shifts in my perspective and an ease in pulling away from learned behaviour that no longer serves me.   I can honestly say that there is always a breakthrough moment for me in each of our sessions! 

Jackie. G, U.S

I have been working with Gina for over a year now.  She has helped me push through some of my old limiting beliefs and start to live a life of purpose.
She is professional, compassionate, yet always comfortable telling you the truth and helping you see things from another perspective.
Highly recommend her as a coach!
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